Ayatollah Hafiz Bahir Hussain Najafi LOVE, CARE and ATTENTION: That is all it takes to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in an orphan’s life. Imagine the role all of us, TOGETHER AS ONE , can play in TRANSFORMING THE LIVES of thousands of orphans for the better. Al Anwar Najafia Foundation (ANF) has opened its doors to 4000+ young ones who’ve been left all alone to survive in this world. This little ANF is steadily growing to cover the entire Iraq. We work hard to ensure that no child sleeps without a roof above their head or a warm embrace to provide comfort and security.The Al Anwar Najafia foundation has also taken the initiative to start educating these children for a better future. But we can’t possibly do this without you. Your tiniest support can go a long way to making their big dreams come true.


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